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Skilled Marketing & Administrative Support Professional with over than 12 Years' Experience

With over than 12 years of experience in Client Service in advertising companies, I have learnt to be a valuable member of a team by coping with every challenge of a project, learning from my directors and leading meritoriously each member has been assigned to me.

I believe that Marketing is a field that makes consumers’ lives happier, as it is one of the sciences that analyzes their inner needs and offer them the products that really meet them.

My vision is to work in an environment made of teamwork and members ready to exceed their limits through their work. 

This is why I have established iRow and I have created a team of virtual assistants to make your day-to-day life easier!

Hardworker and valueable member

“Konstantia is a really hardworker and a valueable member in our team. She helped us build a strong company image and approach new customers to expand our business.”

George F.

Let’s Start Working Together!

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